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10 Best Electronic Document Management Software (EDM) To Look In 2024

EDM is a computer system for managing digital documents. It allows the digitization of paper documents as well as the dematerialization of business processes. To do this, it uses tools and features to manage all stages of the life cycle.

Let’s first get a clear idea of EDM.

What is EDM?

Electronic document management (EDM) is a document management system for performing data management tasks such as capturing, organizing, managing, and routing documents throughout their life cycle, often in an environment that deals with complex unstructured information. In this approach, companies can simply perform tasks, save money, minimize risk, and increase competitiveness.

In summary, electronic document management is essential for information workers because they rely on the knowledge and choices contained in documents to achieve their goals. It is important to work successfully with colleagues, consumers, partners, and trusted experts in this mobile, dispersed, and customer-centric environment. Document management software solutions that have been around for a while focus on managing a small or large unstructured group of documents that are essential to the organization.

Discover the Top 10 Electronic Document Management Software

1. PandaDoc


It is an all-in-one document automation platform. It, therefore, allows you to create, send, track and file eSign documents on a single intuitive interface. This software integrates electronic signature service, workflow management, document generator, and CPQ (Configure Price Quote) functionalities. The platform provides a cloud-based interface that facilitates the work of sales, marketing, and administration teams; Pandadoc has a cloud-based interface. It offers advanced features allowing businesses across multiple industries to sell, collaborate, and manage efficiently. Being an all-in-one software, it helps streamline sales processes and send bulk messages.

2. Zeendoc


Simplifying daily work, Zeendoc is a software developed by Sages Informatique. Intended for professionals, companies, or communities, it offers many advantages: pay slips, expense reports, electronic invoices, digital signatures, etc. 100% cloud; Zeendoc is modular and scalable. This

Electronic document management software is ideal for collecting, classifying, and exchanging data quickly. It provides several features: document annotation, accounting export, and electronic safe. Other features are still available, including the probative value archiving system, such as invoices, contracts, and pay slips. You can also enjoy other features such as automatic document classification, electronic signature,

3. Alfresco


It is a document software for storing, managing, and controlling documents as well as images. The software has online assistance and technical support available by email, phone, or chat. Alfresco provides APIs to integrate with other computer applications. Thus, you have the possibility to connect to a database, exchange data, synchronize files, etc. Note that the software is compatible with the majority of business computer systems and operating systems. In addition, it can be accessed remotely using mobile devices or tablets running iOS or Android.

4. Oodrive


It is electronic document management software for businesses of all sizes. This is a solution integrating a backup in the cloud. The software offers the possibility of digitally signing documents as well as an information protection service. These solutions are certified by regulatory institutions: RSG and ANSSI. Oodrive offers several SaaS services, including document sharing and synchronization. Thus, you can centralize and organize files from several media and exchange them securely. It also offers file backup, including all of your computer equipment: documents, applications, etc.

5. DocuWare


It is an office automation solution providing an intelligent digital workflow. It also offers document control to set a new pace for employee productivity and organizational performance. It has a flexible integration offering maximum ease of use. Additionally, it offers zero-compromise cloud services that are recognized as best suited for digitizing, automating, and transforming key processes. DocuWare provides several functionalities: archiving, CRM, dematerialization, online assistance, and technical support. It also offers the management of documents, human resources, contracts, invoices, etc.

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6. Nuxeo


It is a digital asset platform provider. It helps to transform the way in a business operates content with metadata tools. The platform offers open-source, modular, and extensible content management as well as packaged EDM, DAM, and case management applications. Document-oriented ERP, Nuxeo offers solutions for solving the challenges of content management, information management, and media. It gives you the ability to quickly develop flexible and customizable applications that meet your needs. Nuxeo provides several functionalities: content management, online assistance, and technical support.

7. Open Bee

Open Bee

It is an electronic document management software for organizing the filing, searching, and sharing of files. Open Bee works by centralizing your information in a secure documentary space. Note that the latter can be shared with your collaborators, your customers, or your partners. The application is accessible from a computer, smartphone, or tablet using a dedicated application. It also offers the possibility of creating working groups where you can share documents. Open Bee offers several features: management of purchases, absences, contacts, documents, videos, audio, etc. In order to integrate with other applications, the platform has API integration.

8. Huddle


It is an online collaboration and content management for businesses. It provides a network of secure online workspaces for storing and sharing files. It also allows you to collaborate on documents, manage tasks and create discussions. The software has the advantage of offering all the necessary tools online for effective internal and external work. This solution offers key features, including integration with Microsoft Word. It also offers a dashboard to monitor all aspects of a project. Aimed at large enterprises and government agencies, Huddle was designed to create the ultimate document-sharing program.

9. M-files


It is a content management tool perfectly suited for small and large businesses. It offers the ability to perform on-premise cloud or hybrid deployments. It also allows for version control, mobile access, the ability to e-sign, and more. M-file gives you the ability to manage permissions. Easy to use, it has a search engine to find documents by name, type, and keyword. It also allows users to search the text of documents. This electronic document management software has the advantage of sending notifications to users in order to review or approve a document modification. It can be integrated with various applications: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, etc.

10. Qualios


Developed in 2004, Qualios offers QualiosDoc, an EDM software offered in license or SaaS format. This structure has the advantage of having obtained seven certifications, including the ISO 9001 standard, an international reference in terms of quality management. The platform makes it possible to create and manage documents while controlling their validation cycle. The application offers various functionalities, including document validation and quality control. It also allows the automatic or manual archiving of documents. Qualios provides data security in a digital safe and an alert system in the event of failure. The platform also advances a notification system during an action on a document and the possibility of importing data.


Since you have plenty of options for electronic document management software for your business, make sure to keep in mind the requirements of your business while choosing the EDM software so you can invest your time in business productivity instead of the documentation process.

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