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Best Agile Project Management Software in Market: Explanation of Agile Management

One of the most widely utilised project management techniques nowadays is agile. Teams can take better control of their projects by completing them in stages thanks to this adaptable and scalable strategy. The outcome is of higher quality and satisfies the expectations of all stakeholders.

There are numerous tools available to streamline the process for teams that want to adopt an agile approach to project management. The ten tools and programmes listed below are excellent choices for applying the agile methodology and agile frameworks like Scrum and Kanban.

What is agile project management software?

Teams use the agile method to break down projects into manageable chunks, or sprints. Stakeholder input is obtained at the conclusion of each step to identify areas that need to be changed.

This procedure keeps on until the stage is acknowledged as finished. Since iterations are encouraged, if you were to visualise the agile technique, each stage would resemble a circle. Things can change quickly in any project using an agile framework. One of the key distinctions between agile and conventional project management techniques is this.

To aid teams in managing this occasionally difficult process, agile project management software was created. This software includes features that are essential for the success of agile, such as project timelines, Gantt charts, and reports.

Projects under the contending approach known as cascade just have a 49% achievement rate while projects under the agile methodology have a success rate of 64%. Considering this, agile projects are almost 1.5 times as successful as waterfall projects

agile chart



Why Do You Need a Software for Agile Project Management?

The agile method promotes cooperation, engagement, and adaptability to change, according to the Agile Manifesto. The same priorities are required of teams who aspire to be agile. Project management software is the only thing that makes this viable in the modern remote workforce. The following are some advantages of using these tools:

  • Planning a project more easily

The facts confirm that deft ventures don’t much of the time stick to a regular direct arrangement. Project arranging, nonetheless, involves substantially more than basically posting exercises and their cutoff times. Programming for light-footed projects the board can make complex exercises more straightforward, such getting sorted out assets and deciding conditions.

  • Increased output

To keep projects pushing forward, coordinated groups should continuously approach all task related data. By concentrating all of the data about an undertaking, including project changes, relevant errands, and partner criticism, project the executives programming increments efficiency.

  • Easier collecting of feedback

Gathering stakeholder feedback at the conclusion of each stage is an essential component of any agile project. This process may be complicated depending on how many parties are involved. Numerous lithe undertaking the executives instruments coordinate with different devices inside your tech stack, for example, those you use to accumulate input. Thus, your partner info can be all kept in a similar data set as the remainder of your task data.

  • Increase in project visibility

For constant undertaking representation, a few coordinated project the executives programming give perceivability capacities like dashboards and sheets in the Kanban style. Any run’s ongoing status is dependably noticeable.

Utilizing Scrumban, a combination of Scrum and Kanban, and other hybrid agile methodologies are also made possible by agile project management software. These tools let you operate whatever you want because they are completely adaptable to your workflows.

Best Agile Project Management Software

The project management features of, which include reports, a calendar, tools for time monitoring and planning, and other tools, can be beneficial. It can be used by companies of any size.


  • Kanban, Timeline, or Charts can all be used to monitor the progress of a project.

  • It contains features for sprint planning, user story creation, and team member assignment.

  • Reporting.


  • It offers useful collaborative tools.

  • Integration with outside software.


  • Price


Basic- $8, pro- $16



Wrike is a real-time, agile, online project management tool that improves team collaboration. Users are able to provide outcomes promptly thanks to its responsibility and simplicity.


  • Wrike is typically utilised for medium to big projects.

  • Little businesses and projects cannot afford it.


  • Wrike integrates with all platforms, including Android and iPhone,

  • users can stay up to date on both active and finished projects.


  • Absolutely nothing noteworthy to mention.


$9.80- $24.80 per user per month



A cloud-based platform for time management, task management, and process management is called ClickUp. It is simpler to manage projects, people, resources, roadmaps, documents, and wikis with templates.


  • Instantaneous cooperation

  • Dashboards

  • Automations

  • There are many perspectives, including the workload view.


  • There is drag and drop capability.

  • Available are sophisticated filters, sorting options, and search tools.


  • Many essential features can only be purchased as extras.


$5 to $19 per user per month



Project management tool Smartsheet was created with management experts in mind. With its wealth of capabilities, you can manage tasks, automate workflows, and promote team communication while having real-time access to ongoing projects.


  • Resource Administration

  • Process automation

  • Task and Budget Monitoring

  • Management of content


  • Fantastic management dashboard

  • To track project deadlines and progress, you may quickly build bar charts and visual boards.


  • Smartsheet spreadsheets clearly have fewer rows than Excel spreadsheets do.


$7 to $25 per user per month


nifty logo

Nifty is a workspace for agile project management that allows you to schedule projects with integrated tasks and milestones to automate visual progress reporting.

It hits the ideal balance between everyday drudgery and long-term planning (the road map is amazing) (tasks, files, and collaboration).


  • Tasks in the Kanban style that are linked to Milestones can be used to manage projects.

  • An overview of all of your projects gives you a bird’s-eye view of their development.

  • Each project has the ability to directly create documents.

  • In every pocket of Nifty, the Team Chat widget enables conversation while working.


  • Wonderful interface and too intuitive.

  • The simplicity of use and transition is a major benefit. Amazing support team.


Absolutely nothing noteworthy to mention.


Basic- $5 per member per month

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SpiraTeam by Inflectra


For companies using agile approaches, SpiraTeamĀ® is a full-featured agile software development management solution. With its sixth iteration, SpiraTeam enables agile teams of all sizes to produce high-quality software quickly and effectively. It covers every stage of the project management process, including requirements, releases, iterations, tasks, and bugs/issues.


  • SpiraTeam is made for managing big teams and complicated projects in regulated sectors.

  • Each project in SpiraTeam has a dashboard home page that compiles all the project-related data into a thorough, easily digestible form.

  • This page serves as a “one-stop-shop” for users who want to quickly understand the project’s overall status.


  • Business analysts and managers can leverage SpiraTeam’s bird’s-eye view of all forms of artefacts (requirements, test cases, incidents, etc.) to drill down into the relevant area of the application.

  • Interactive work-flow maps


Limited usage


$ 43.20 per month


WorkOtter logo

Organizations of all sizes can gain a lot from the cloud-based project, resource, and portfolio management tool known as WorkOtter. It includes a fully customizable interface with a huge selection of templates. This enables you to design workflows for a variety of crucial operations for your business, which you can then monitor with visual charts.


  • Built-in Project Logs

  • Gantt Diagrams

  • Resource Distribution

  • Issue Resolution

  • Group cooperation


  • Create charts, reports, and dashboards and share them.

  • Planning resources efficiently


Report generation can occasionally be sluggish.


$10- $35 per user per month



Teamwork is a flexible project management solution that can be used to handle agile projects perfectly. It provides flexibility in terms of task lists, Gantt charts, and visual boards. You can set up the processes however you choose. It is a complete project management system.


  • Instantaneous cooperation

  • Kanban panels

  • Tracking of time

  • Strong filters to drill down to the necessary information.


  • Scalable templates for high-performance procedures.

  • You may have an infinite number of clients.


No such drawbacks to note.


$9.99 to $17.99 per month per member



An entire toolkit for project management is offered by Freshservice. It makes collaboration easier and makes it easier to match your IT objectives with your business objectives. It provides features for organising and overseeing projects from conception to completion.


  • You can divide projects into tasks and nested subtasks using its task management tools.

  • It has Watcher, filter tasks, and alarms functions.

  • It offers tools for team collaboration, idea generation, and context sharing.


  • Using a single platform to track and manage all project-related issues, modifications, and assets.

  • Organizing projects into tasks and nested subtasks is possible. It will be simpler to assign them to certain owners as a result.


Limited capacity for integration.


$29 to $59 per user per month

Atlassian JIRA


Without a question, one of the top project management tools utilised by Agile teams is Atlassian JIRA. Ideal for most offices. primarily IT specialists and institutional designers who work in a communal setting.

Tool Features

  • Scrum boards that may be adjusted to meet the workflow of your team. The work in a sprint is visualised using these scrum boards. The backlog automatically transitions to newsprint.

  • Using the JIRA Query Language for custom filters (JQL).

  • Integrations of developer tools.

  • 1000+ extras and robust APIs.


  • It may be easily customised and extended to meet the needs of your project.

  • Thousands of large firms all over the world use it since it is an established and reliable product. Therefore, it has a sizable and lively community.


  • It is challenging to set up, and learning how to use it properly takes time.


$7.75 to $15.25 per member


There are many agile project management solutions on the market because it is one of the most extensively utilised and well-liked project management and software development approaches today.

The list above will undoubtedly assist you in selecting the finest project management solution for your requirements. Since almost all of the programmes mentioned above offer a free trial version, experts advise you to use the tool once and get acquainted with its capabilities before deciding whether to buy it.

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Is agile a good method for managing projects?

Agile project management essentially eliminated the likelihood of a project failing completely. Teams can create a usable product from the start by working in sprints, or they can fail quickly and try again.

What are the 3 Agile frameworks?

The most famous Light-footed structure is scrum. Others incorporate Precious stone, Element Driven Advancement, and Dynamic Frameworks Improvement Strategy (DSDM) (FDD).

What are the 5 phases of Agile project management?

The envision phase, the speculate phase, the explore phase, the adapt phase, and the close phase are among the five phases of the agile project management framework.

How do I choose the best agile project management tool?

For such one must consider the following- Easy to use, schedule tasks, has ability to share externally, task management, security, professional interference etc.

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