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15 Best Free Photo Editing Software for 2024: Online & Offline

Unlock your creative potential with cutting-edge photo editing software. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, our software offers intuitive tools and powerful features to enhance your images and bring your vision to life. From basic adjustments to advanced editing techniques, dive into a world of endless possibilities and transform your photos into stunning works of art.

Free Photo Editing Software

GIMP – the Essential


GIMP is a staple among free photo editing tools, and it’s certainly the most comprehensive of them all. On the other hand, it is not the easiest to access for the uninitiated, but it benefits from complete documentation in French to help you. – the Free Windows Photo Editing Software

paintnet icon may not look like much, but it’s free and complete photo editing software that is uncluttered. Originally designed to replace Microsoft’s famous Paint, this Windows tool has surpassed the previous one.

Photo Pos Pro – for Beginners

Photo Pos Pro logo

Photo Pos Pro is an excellent free photo editing software for Windows. More transparent and more accessible than GIMP, the tool notably has a “novice” mode to simplify editing. On the other hand, Photo Pos Pro has certain limitations, but it is still more than enough to edit your photos as you wish.

PhotoScape X – a Complete Photo Editing Software


Despite its unusual interface, Photoscape X is a free, comprehensive, and powerful photo editing software. It combines many tools, allowing you to modify and manipulate your images as you see fit and merge several images into one or create animated GIFs—a real Swiss army knife. Successor to Windows Photoscape software, Photoscape X is supported on Windows 10 and Mac. If you have an earlier Windows version, Photoscape is still available.

ON1 Effects 10 Free – to Add Photo Filters in One Click

on1 logo

ON1 Effects 10 Free is a free (and therefore limited) version of more complete software. However, this does not prevent it from being worth the detour.

Its main advantage is that it allows filters to be applied to certain areas of an image only (and not to the entire photo). This gives you plenty of opportunities to make original and unique edits.

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PhotoDiva – Face Editing Software


PhotoDiva is free photo editing software for image editing of faces and bodies. This tool is available on Windows and will allow you to erase all physical imperfections. Erase wrinkles, add makeup, reshape bodies, and change hair and eye color in just a few clicks from its intuitive interface.

Free Online Photo Editing Tools

Need to quickly create, modify, or optimize a visual for your website? Want to design a powerful image for your social networks? Free online platforms are ideal for editing your photos quickly and easily.

Photoshop Express Editor – Adobe Photoshop’s Free Little Brother

Photoshop Express Editor

As the name suggests, Photoshop Express Editor is a light and online version of the famous creative software. There is even an app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be familiar with the Adobe suite to use it. Very bare, it is suitable for basic touch-ups, but sometimes necessary. You can easily crop a photo, play with brightness and contrast, create shadow effects, remove the “red eye” effect, or add borders.

SumoPaint – for the Most Experienced

sumopaint logo

In online photo editing software, SumoPaint is arguably one of the most advanced. Presenting itself as a kind of “light” version of Photoshop, SumoPaint will appeal to image editing regulars who want access to advanced features without paying a penny.

Pixlr – a Modern Interface to Edit Your Photos

pixlr logo

Pixlr is an online photo editing tool with all the basic features you need to edit your images without downloading anything. Its simple and pleasant interface makes Pixlr understandable and accessible to everyone, even if it lacks more in-depth features.

iPiccy – the Customizable Platform

iPiccy logo

iPiccy is a rich and complete online photo editing tool that is not indigestible. You will find a high degree of customization without getting lost. It is a good compromise for those looking for fairly advanced but accessible software.

Be Funky – to Create Artistic Effects on Your Photos

Be Funky logo

Here is another photo editing tool with a very evocative name. Be Funky allows you to create artistic effects on your visuals in a few clicks. You turn any photo into a work of art. Add a gouache, sculpted, cartoon, inked, or dotted effect to make your shot unique!

This tool also helps you create collages to share on your social networks or with friends. Finally, Be Funky offers you a “Designer” mode. This photo editing software lets you quickly create flyers, brochures, business cards, invitations, and menus. Be careful, though: formerly free, Be Funky now limits access to certain features.

Editor. pho. to – for Fun logo

Very complete, Editor Pho. offers many features for editing your images. For portraits, the tool presents stunning filters that correct all imperfections: wrinkles, pimples, red eyes, and dull complexion. It can even revive eye color, apply additional makeup, and whiten teeth.

Thanks to Editor Pho. , you will also be able to apply fun effects and, for example, transform your image into a magazine cover, frame, old photo, banknote, skull, etc.

Pimagic – the Basics of Photo Editing

pimagic logo

In a simplified interface, Pimagic offers the basic functions of photo editing: adjustment of brightness, contrasts, and colors, the addition of filters, cropping, and rotation. This tool is practical if you want to modify or optimize a shot quickly. Note that Pimagic is only compatible with the following browsers: Chrome 11+, Firefox 12+, and Safari 5.3+.

Lunapic – to Easily Add Text to Your Photos


The design of the Lunapic site is old-fashioned, but its functionalities are up to date! You can quickly apply effects from a photo hosted on the web, on your social networks, or your computer. You’ll also be able to add text, icons, and flags more quickly. Lunapic also allows you to create gifs, collages, videos, or animations.

Free Mobile Photo Editing Software

All the free software presented above is accessible on a computer, but what about mobile? Here is our pick for mobile phones.

AirBrush – the Application to Magnify Faces


AirBrush is a mobile photo editing application whose effects and filters mainly focus on faces and skin. It is ideal for retouching your latest selfie in no time directly on your smartphone. AirBrush is available on Android and iOS.


What operating systems does the photo editing software support?

Our software is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, providing flexibility for users across various platforms.

Can I try the photo editing software before purchasing it?

Yes, we offer a free trial period so you can explore our software’s features and functionalities before committing.

Does the software offer tutorials or guides for beginners?

Absolutely! We provide extensive tutorials, guides, and online resources to help users of all skill levels learn how to use our software effectively and efficiently.

Is technical support available if I encounter any issues?

Our dedicated technical support team can assist you with any questions or problems you may encounter while using our software. Simply contact us for prompt assistance.

Can I use the software for commercial purposes?

Yes, our software is suitable for both personal and commercial use. Whether you’re editing photos for your projects or clients, our software offers the tools and capabilities you need to achieve professional-quality results.


In conclusion, our photo editing software provides a comprehensive solution for all your editing needs. With its user-friendly interface, versatile features, and unparalleled performance, you can elevate your photography skills and produce breathtaking results. Whether you’re retouching portraits, enhancing landscapes, or creating digital art, our software empowers you to express your creativity without limits. Experience the difference today and unleash the full potential of your photos with our cutting-edge editing tools.

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