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11 Best Gantt Chart Software For Project Management in 2023

Gantt software is essential planning software for effective project management. From the establishment of the list of tasks to the project follow-up, it offers a graphic and global vision of your project. This management tool also turns out to be a decision-making aid. Task management is the basis of successful project management: you can gain visibility on your activities and resources. Are you new to project management? You draw up your Gantt chart in Excel, and you want to equip yourself with dedicated Gantt software. This article is made for you. Here you can compare different Gantt chart maker software to get your projects off the ground.

Selection Criteria

To present this selection of software, we first relied on basic criteria:

  • The notoriety of the platform.

  • The relevance and richness of project management functionalities.

  • Visualization and monitoring of the progress of the project are clear and intuitive.

  • The ease of use of the tool (ergonomics, graphics).

  • The possibility of visualizing in real time the different stages of the project.

Then here are some more advanced criteria on project management and Gantt chart maker:

  • The possibility of planning a project via a detailed calendar while integrating different collaborators and tasks.

  • Access to the customizable Gantt chart to facilitate project management.

  • The ability to connect from different devices: computer, tablets, smartphones... the software must be able to update on all devices at the same time so that you don't miss any potential changes to your Gantt chart.

  • The presence of a true collaborative workspace: communicating quickly and simply with your employees is essential.

  • A secure storage space where everyone involved in your project can access files securely.

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Comparison Table of 11 Gantt Software


 For whom?

Key benefit




VSEs and SMEs

Update the Gantt chart automatically, in real time




Teams of all sizes

Gantt chart in “Multi-project” view: overview of activities




Large accounts and SMEs

Interactive Gantt chart with a unified parallel view of the data grid for clearer visualization




Start-ups, agencies, VSEs, SMEs, and GEs

Gantt charts from different angles (grid, table, and portfolio)


Start-ups, freelancers, VSEs, SMEs, and large groups

100+ colorful and customizable Gantt project vision templates


Planisware Orchestra


SMEs, and large groups

Waterfall planning via a Gantt chart to facilitate the visualization of your projects




VSEs, SMEs, and large companies

Follow the evolution of your Gantt chart through customizable and fun dashboards




TPE, SME, and GE

“Project Settings” form, where you can enable dependencies for automatic task duration calculation




Students, start-ups, VSEs, SMEs, and GEs

Easy planning: allocation of resources, deadlines, and deadlines simple and fast.





Suitable for complex projects


Zoho Projects


VSEs, SMEs, and large companies

Convert an existing project into a Gantt chart template and use it to quickly create new projects.



Asana is work management software that helps teams coordinate and manage their tasks and projects. For who?: Asana is suitable for VSEs and SMEs wishing to improve their project management.

Key features:

  • Follow the progress of your Gantt charts in real-time while maintaining control over project planning and having the possibility to make the necessary adjustments in a few clicks.

  • Your Gantt chart updates automatically to inform each user of the latest project news.

  • Easily visualize the tasks to be accomplished, their deadlines, and the time to devote to each of them in order to optimize your organization.

Prices: The free version of Asana is very complete but limited to 15 users. There are 2 paid subscriptions:

  • “Premium” at $10.99,

  • “Business” at $24.99.


beesbusy logo

Beesbusy is a work management tool that allows you to organize your daily life, manage your projects and plan your tasks. For who?: Beesbusy caters to teams of all sizes. It can also be used in all sectors of activity.

Key features:

  • Take advantage of a Gantt chart in the “Multi-project” view, which gives you access to an overview of your activities in a precise chronological order while applying personalized filters.

  • View the planned times and the times achieved on each task in order to analyze the actual hours spent on each of your projects or activities.

  • Benefit from 3 different views on your Gantt chart: “What,” which lists the tasks and their status, “When,” which gives you a temporal view of your activity and “Who,” which shows the distribution of tasks.

Pricing: Beesbusy has a free but limited version. There are 2 paid subscriptions:

  • “Business” at €9.99

  • “Company” at €19.99.



Clarizen is an ultra-collaborative and easy-to-integrate Gantt chart maker that supports companies in managing their projects and professional activities. For who?: Clarizen is mainly aimed at large accounts and SMEs.

Key features:

  • Enjoy an interactive Gantt chart with a unified parallel view of the data grid for clearer and more efficient visualization.

  • Drag-and-drop capabilities that let you:

    - adjust task deadlines easily

    - report work by changing the % complete of each task

    - make changes in real-time

    - create dependencies between tasks.

  • Unlimited use of labels, with several types of view (annual, quarterly, etc.).

Pricing: No free trial. The software offers 2 types of subscriptions:

  • “Enterprise” at 60€/month/user

  • “Unlimited” at 75€/month/user.


ganttpro logo

Ganttpro is an American online project management software that dematerializes and centralizes your project management on an all-in-one platform. For who?: Start-ups, agencies, VSEs, SMEs, and GE.

Key features:

  • This Gantt chart maker allows you to view your Gantt charts from different angles:

    - grid view: defines the statuses, priorities, costs, durations, and progress of your tasks and projects,

    - table view: organizes the tasks in the form of cards, who move with a drag and drop system,

    - portfolio view: provides an overview of all project information.

  • GanttPRO also incorporates automatic scheduling features into the tool, which help users manage project milestones and tasks.

Prices: Free trial without credit card. Three possible subscriptions:

  • “Individual” at $15/month,

  • "Team" at $8.90/month/user,

  • “Company” with a price on request. is a fun and intuitive work management platform that helps you manage your team projects while increasing transparency within your company. For who ?: Start-ups, freelancers, VSEs, SMEs, and large groups.

Key features:

  • Enjoy over 100 colorful and customizable project vision templates. Adjust them according to your business needs: logo, color, filters, etc.

  • Collaborate directly in your “Gantt View” tool thanks to a space dedicated to real-time communication: share files and comments and inform your collaborators easily thanks to automatic notifications on each update.

  • Label the elements of your Gantt chart at your convenience: add real-time references (milestones, deadlines, etc.), facilitate your organization thanks to the blue bar, which indicates the current date, to know where you are.

Prices: Free version up to 2 users. 4 monthly subscriptions:

  • “Basic” at €8/user,

  • “Standard” at 10€/user,

  • “Pro” at 16€/user,

  • “Company” with a price on request.

Planisware Orchestra

Planisware Orchestra logo

Planisware Orchestra is project portfolio management software that gives you real-time visibility into the activities of your project teams. For who ?: SMEs and large groups.

Key features:

  • Waterfall planning via a Gantt chart to facilitate the visualization of your projects. Customize filters with a fixed scope and budget framework.

  • You can also view your resource allocations graphically using the Gantt view. All this, in real-time, on one or more projects, at a given time.

  • Its “Gantt” view options allow you to benefit from a complete and fully configurable, and customizable tool.

Pricing: 14-day free trial. Two monthly subscriptions:

  • “SaaS Pack” at 25€/user

  • “ON SITE Pack” at €550 once.



Sciforma is a powerful, easy-to-use, and quick-to-implement PPM (project portfolio management) tool that meets the strategic, executive, and reporting needs of the PMO. For who?: VSEs, SMEs, and large companies.

Key features:

  • Benefit from a powerful and all-in-one Gantt view in order to efficiently manage:

    - your projects,

    - its allocations (of workforce and resources),

    - its transactions,

    - its deliverables,

    - its risks, etc.

  • Follow the evolution of your Gantt chart through customizable and fun dashboards.

  • The Gantt chart maker facilitates the project selection process to ensure that investment levels in various project groupings align with corporate strategies and priorities.

Prices: Personalized pack €10/month/user.



Smartsheet is a collaborative and dynamic workspace software that allows teams to manage their projects while automating their workflows. For who ?: TPE, SME, and GE.

Main features:

  • The “Gantt Chart” visualization mode gives you several advantages:

    - display the interdependencies and follow the relationship between tasks,

    - display the critical path of your project,

    - display the % progress of your tasks,

    - use the hierarchy to create summary rows to further organize your projects.

  • You benefit from a “Project parameters” form, where you can:

    - activate the interdependencies for the automatic calculation of the duration of the tasks,

    - configure the public holidays and non-working days, etc.

Prices: 30-day free trial without credit card. 3 paid monthly subscriptions:

  • “Pro” at €6/user,

  • “Business” at 22€/user,

  • “Company” with a price on request.



Trello is a free, ultra-easy-to-use, and intuitive Gantt chart maker for teams wishing to easily collaborate on projects. For who? Students, start-ups, VSEs, SMEs, and GEs.

Key features:

  • All group members are informed of updates on your Gantt chart in real time while sharing a global vision of the project.

  • You benefit from planning with peace of mind; you can make more targeted, more effective decisions in terms of resource allocation, deadlines, and deadlines.

  • You have complete monitoring of the progress of the project thanks to clear and fun dashboards.

Pricing: Trello has a full version that is 100% free but somewhat limited. The platform offers 3 paid subscriptions, including the “Business Class” pack at $10/user/month.



Wrike is cloud-based work management software that helps boost your teams' productivity. With over 20,000 customers, including Google and Hootsuite, the software accommodates the most complex projects with plenty of features, including interactive Gantt charts. For who? Wrike is for businesses of any size and in any industry. It does, however, have specific offerings for marketing agencies and service delivery teams (ESNs).

Key features:

  • Dynamic Gantt charts for an optimal overview, monitoring the progress of your projects, their scope, and associated dependencies.

  • Intelligent critical path analysis to identify bottlenecks.

  • the management of several complex projects thanks to the Gantt schedule (easy update with drag and drop, inter-team collaboration).


Wrike offers a fairly complete free plan with lots of features but only 2 GB of storage space for your attachments. Paid offers are available:

  • Professional offer at $9.80 /month/user,

  • Business offer at $24.80 /month/user,

  • Enterprise offer on request,

  • Pinnacle offer on request.

Zoho Projects

zoho project logo

Zoho Projects is an online project management tool that helps you effectively plan your work while managing your resources, time, and budgets. For who ?: VSEs, SMEs, and large companies.

Key features:

  • Identify your project's critical tasks with the tool's built-in Gantt chart maker to plan and allocate resources accordingly.

  • Set up baselines in the Gantt chart builder to compare project progress over different time periods. Thanks to this gap, you will be able to easily identify delayed tasks that need to be addressed.

  • Convert an existing project into a Gantt chart template and use it to quickly create new projects.

Prices: Free version limited to 5 users and 3 projects. 4 paid monthly subscriptions ranging from €18/15 users to €150/25 users.

Which Online Gantt Chart Maker is Right For You?

To find out and make the best choice, start by analyzing and precisely defining your needs. Depending on the size of your business, your industry, the type of projects you run, your clients, etc., the tool that is right for you may vary. To get a clear idea and decide on the features that are essential to you, opt for a trial version.

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