Top 30 Growth Hacking Tools to Boost Your Website Growth

“Growth hacking,” or “pirate de growth” in French, is one of the key terms in the world of startups and marketing in general. Some see it as a revolutionary way to increase the growth of your business, others think it’s just a ‘buzzword’ when it comes to marketing, but now growth hacking tools are on the rise.

“Growth hackers, using their product & distribution knowledge, find ingenious and technological ways to drive growth, sometimes pushing the boundaries of what is expected or even advised” – Neil Patel.

So what are the differences with traditional marketing? Although marketers have a wide range of actions, from building a team to defining an overall marketing strategy, growth hackers focus on one thing: growth. However, that doesn’t mean that traditional marketers can’t be great growth hackers.

There are many tools that allow traditional marketers to do complex analyses, link independent tools, or create and test landing pages. Sean Ellis, who coined the term “growth hacker” in 2010, identified a few tools that level up skills by allowing marketers to do the job of an engineer without actually being one. His article inspired us to dig deeper and find awesome tools that non-coders can use to drive growth for their business.

Tools for Traffic Acquisition


With Colibri, you now know where your customers are engaging the most online so you can insert yourself into relevant conversations. The goal is obviously to improve your conversion rate.

Strong Points:

  • Diversify your traffic and improve SEO by participating in the right conversations on the web.

  • Integrates with Google Analytics.


14-day free trial then plans start at $95 per month.

2. Pay With a Tweet

Pay With a Tweet

Pay With A Tweet lets you give people access to your content or product only when they’ve tweeted or posted about it. It’s a great way to act in the early stages of a product launch or to ensure that your content spreads quickly across the web.

Strong Points

  • Promote yourself through a post on major social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Xing.

  • Measure traffic, clicks, sales, and geolocation data.

  • Customization tailored to your brand/website.


The basic free plan then, paid plans start at $19.99 per month.

3. Nimble


Nimble is a customer relationship management tool that combines all your contacts, email, social media, other activities and follows you wherever you go so you can maximize your relationships with the goal of growing your business.

Strong Points

  • This growth hacking tool can manage 1000 contacts across multiple channels.

  • Find out about significant events such as birthdays or transfers.

  • See who is talking about you or your brand so you can engage with it at the right time.


14-day free trial, then plans to start at $15 per month.

4. Mixrank


MixRank helps you find new customers by zeroing in on leads and traffic sources with real-time insights from its database.

Strong Points

  • Find thousands of new traffic sources on the placements most likely to reach your target audience.

  • Monitor the tests and see which creatives, ads, and landing pages are the most effective.

  • Identify advertisers outbidding you and learn from their successful campaigns.


Prices are not listed on their site.

5. Twilighter


Twilighter increases your traffic by making it easy to share. With Twilighter, visitors to your site, or blog, can easily highlight your content and immediately share it on Twitter.

Strong Points

  • Easy setup in 47 seconds, yes yes, 47 seconds.

  • Twilighter highlights the most shared content on your site/blog, so new visitors see it immediately.



Tools for Acquiring Leads & Customers

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6. Hello Bar

hello bar

Hello Bar is a delightfully simple tool that lets you insert a call-to-action button into a horizontal bar at the top of your site. You can create your bar and your CTA around one of three goals: driving traffic, collecting emails, or directing visitors to your social networks.

Strong Points

  • Track the number of clicks on each “header” bar.

  • Specify which pages your Hello Bar should/should not display, and schedule the bar to display only on certain dates.

  • Customize the header bar and button color to match your site design.



7. Wunderkind


This growth hacking tool helps you turn visitors who leave your site into customers by inviting them to “convert” right before they leave.

Strong Points

  • Installation in 10 seconds.

  • Allows A/B testing on your CTAs.

  • Exit Intent technology allows you to capture information from visitors who are about to leave your site (and may never return).


The lowest plan offers custom pricing based on visitor volume, then plans start at $3.9K/month.

8. Kissmetrics


This growth hacking tool gives you deep customer insights by connecting all your data to real people.

Strong Points

  • The very easy setup process.

  • Understand how customer behavior changes over time.

  • Identify who is present at each stage of your funnel so you can reach them in a more meaningful way.


14-day free trial then plans start at $150/month.

9. CrazyEgg


CrazyEgg shows you how visitors behave on your website: where they click, where they stop reading or looking at a page, and lets you segment your traffic based on user behaviors.

Strong Points

  • Very simple to install.

  • Answer your top questions about how users behave on your site without running dozens of a/b tests.


30-day free trial then plans start at $9 per month.

10. Totango


Totango lets you invite your site visitors and users to experience your product in ways that influence conversion.

Strong Points

  • Identify “hot” prospects.

  • Get the information you need to make smart follow-up calls or emails.

  • Send the sales team daily emails with the status of ongoing trials.


Free trial, then plans available on request.

11. Unbounce


Unbounce is a landing page builder for marketers. It allows you to create, publish and perform A/B tests on landing pages. Unbounce empowers marketers to operate independently from technical teams, improving their efficiency and ability to drive sales.

Strong Points

  • Produce high-converting landing pages without dealing with IT teams.

  • Drag and drop interface makes it easier to customize landing pages.

  • Create a form without technical knowledge or HTML.


30-day free trial then plans start at $49/month.

12. Optimizely


Optimizely helps you increase engagement, interactions, and conversions on your website by making a/b testing super easy.

Strong Points

  • Perform a/b testing on your site without having to modify the code.

  • Be able to execute all your optimization ideas on your site in minutes.

  • Track key metrics that tell you how these changes behave.


30-day free trial then plans start at $17/month.

13.  Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer

Like Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer simplifies a/b testing and makes it easy for non-coders to run tests on their site.

Strong Points

  • Set up conversion goals for each a/b test so you know exactly which version is getting the results you want.

  • Support various a/b testing.


30-day free trial then plans start at $49/month.

14. Clicktale


Clicktale is a customer experience analytics tool focused on site optimization & conversion analysis. People use this growth hacking tool to analyze the performance of their online forms, keep visitors engaged with page content, and drive them through the conversion process.

The slogan is: “Created by marketers for marketers”.

Strong Points

  • Easy installation (just copy–paste the javascript code on your site).

  • Accommodate hundreds of thousands of visitors by browsing sessions or zooming in on a unique visitor.

  • Use heat mapping technology to improve customer experience and increase conversion rate with form analytics.


The basic plan is free, then premium plans are adapted to the needs of each company.

15. Zapier


Zapier is a great tool that allows almost anyone to do work that traditionally requires help from developers. It lets you connect the web apps you use, making it easy to automate tedious tasks.

Strong Points

  • Do the work normally reserved for developers.

  • Ability to connect more than 300 applications


Free then packages starting at $15 per month.

16. Gum Road

Gum Road

Gumroad helps small businesses and creators – including freelance writers, designers, game developers, musicians, artists, and anyone – sell their products online without having to build a full online store.

Strong Points

  • Easily sell your products with a wide range of file types, including HTML, iBook, PDF, and MP4.

  • Create custom covers for your products to enhance their “style.”

  • Connect Gumroad to social networks including SoundCloud.


No hosting or setup fees, but they take a 5% fee plus 25 cents per transaction.

Tools for Market Research and User Feedback

17. Qualaroo


Qualaroo allows you to survey visitors to your site to understand what they are looking for and therefore react accordingly.

Strong Points

  • This growth hacking tool is available on PC & mobile.

  • Qualaroo Reveals the Why, Not Just How or How – Discover Hidden Objections, Identify Valuable Features, and Improve Conversion Rate from Site Visitors to Leads.


14-day free trial then plans start at $63/month.

18. Consumer Barometer

Consumer Barometer

Consumer Barometer gives e-commerce companies the online consumer insights they need to make more informed business decisions.

Strong Points

  • No registration is required. Just go to the site and get started.

  • An easy and attractive user interface.



19. Typeform


Typeform humanizes online surveys with a beautiful, fun, and interactive way to ask and answer questions.

Strong Points

  • A user experience that makes your questions fit everywhere.

  • Make your questions match your identity and turn them into brand ambassadors.

  • Built-in analysis tools that reveal some hidden trends.


20. Crowdsignal


The growth hacking tool lets you create polls so you can get customer feedback or do market research.

Strong Points

  • Collect responses on your site, via email, or on mobile.

  • Powerful reporting and filtering functions.

  • Highly customizable.


The basic free plan then plans to start at $200 per year.

21. Olark


Olark is a chat app that lets you connect with your site visitors. It will tell you who is on your site, what page exactly, and what they are looking at on your site, so you can connect with them in a more meaningful way.

Strong Points

  • Targeted Chat lets you set rules to only interact with customers who visit a specific page or perform specific behaviors.

  • Integrates with major CRMs, including Salesforce, Zendesk,, and Highrise, so you can track correspondence with all your leads and customers.

  • Perfectly match your design with customization features.


14 days free trial, then plans from $15 per month.

Tools for Email Marketing

22. Vero


Vero helps you send emails based on the behavior of people on your site. For example, you can send emails based on hours or days after someone abandons their cart. Its value is “Customize and test all your campaigns without code.” This tool is therefore designed for a growth hacker who does not use code.

Strong Points

  • Create automated email campaigns.

  • A/B test your emails.

  • Send highly targeted emails based on your prospect’s behavior on your site.


14-day free trial then plans start at $99/month.

23. Mailchimp


MailChimp has been one of the most popular email marketing tools for years, especially with businesses just starting out with list building. Recently this growth hacking tool has incorporated more advanced features that make it a welcome addition to Growth Hacker’s toolkit.

Strong Points

  • Send targeted emails based on activity on your website.

  • Get recommendations for the optimal send time based on your previous sends.

  • Segment your mailing lists.


Free then plans starting at $10 per month.

24. AWeber


AWeber is an advanced email marketing tool used by over 120,000 small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs around the world.

Strong Points

  • Over 600 templates that will speed up your email creation process.

  • Send an auto-response sequence to new subscribers.

  • Access key parameters regarding the performance of your emails.


$1 trial, then plans from $19/month.

25. SendGrid


SendGrid is the world’s largest email infrastructure as a service provider, sending emails to over 150,000 businesses.

Strong Points

  • Highly scalable: send 100 to billions of emails per month without a hitch.

  • Real-time click analysis.

  • Maximizes the opening of your emails.


Plans start at $9.95/month.

26. Klaviyo


Klaviyo analyzes your customers’ data to send personalized, automated, and effective newsletters.

Strong Points

  • Go beyond opens and clicks to see how emails turn into actions and purchases.

  • Create email campaigns with personalized content and smart rules to determine who gets what.

  • Create email campaigns with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and list management tools.


The basic free plan then plans to start at $25 per month.

27. allows you to send targeted messages to site visitors or mobile app users based on what they are doing (and not doing).

Strong Points

  • Track conversions triggered by your posts.

  • Offers flexible segmentation, comprehensive reporting, and A/B testing capabilities.


The free basic plan then plans starts at $50 per month.

Tools for Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation

28. Keap


The only all-in-one automated sales and marketing growth hacking tool designed exclusively for small businesses.

Strong Points

  • Know when potential customers are ready to buy with Lead Scoring.

  • Organize all customers and prospects with a CRM.

  • Automatic follow-up with emails & social networks.


Pricing is not listed on the site, but reviews say plans start at $199.00 per month.

29. HubSpot


HubSpot is an inbound marketing software that helps your business excel in this industry and connect it to real business results. From visitors arriving on your site to closing transactions, HubSpot helps you through all of your conversion steps.

Strong Points

  • Good customer service.

  • Access a massive library of premium inbound marketing resources.

  • Manage your blogs, social media, landing pages, email marketing, marketing analytics, and more in one place.


The basic plan starts at $200 per month.

30. Marketo


Marketo offers a wide range of tools covering marketing automation and email campaigns.

Strong Points

  • Quickly launch highly targeted campaigns across your marketing channels to generate more revenue with less effort.

  • Create automated campaigns that create long-term personal relationships with consumers across channels.

  • It Simplifies planning, keeps teams coordinated, and gives marketers visibility into everything being done.


Pricing varies across Marketo’s four main products.


In this article, you have discovered 30 growth hacking tools that you can use to boost your business growth. Hopefully, the different categories will help you narrow down the tools that can meet your business needs faster.

What are your favorites? Do you have any tools to show us? Let us know in the comments below.

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