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Online Conferencing Software: Top Solutions for Remote Teams

Employees working remotely or from home may find that video conferencing meetings alter their work. Face-to-face contact is still crucial even if you cannot meet in person. With a videoconferencing service, your staff can collaborate efficiently with customers and clients no matter where they are located.

A great video conferencing system for your team is worth the investment because it facilitates communication 30% more effectively than audio-only arrangements. Fortunately, plenty of excellent, free alternatives for video conferencing software can be used with affordable audiovisual items like video conferencing webcams. A straightforward but high-quality web camera must include remote peers and foster collaboration between workers in various locations.

What is Online Conferencing Software?

Online conferencing software is an online meeting platform service and program that connects users. This program typically provides screen sharing, conversation, responses, and video conferencing. Examples of this kind of Software include Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Lifesize, and Jami.

Conferencing via video: The market is expected to be worth USD 25 billion in 2022, with a CAGR of more than 10% from 2023 to 2032. The growing emphasis on IT infrastructure development in developing nations will fuel market expansion.

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Top Online Conferencing Software

Zoom Meetings

zoom logo

The COVID-19 epidemic possibly popularized Zoom and the term “zooming.” Zoom has since grown from a few security setbacks “to one “of our list’s more comprehensive and well-established services. It has also consistently added functionality, including connectors with an expanding selection of third-party business software.

Zoom is recommended for businesses of all sizes thanks to its extensive feature set and affordable pricing. It would be best to consider Zoom and our other Editors’ Choice recommendations unless you require specific Editors’ quality that it does not provide.


  • Strong free account

  • Paying options that are reasonably priced

  • Outstanding performance

  • For participants and hosts, many features

  • A solid track record of quickly resolving support issues


  • No toll-free numbers to dial in from the US or the UK

  • An invitation made via the app must include something other than a meeting agenda or description.


Between $180/year to $240/year

Bluejeans By Verizon

BlueJeans-by-Verizon logo

BlueJeans has likely grown to be an even more competitive rival in the video conferencing market since being acquired by Verizon in 2020. Because it offers specialized client programs for every OS, including Linux and mobile devices, it is a great contender for companies that deploy several platforms. It is a feature-rich service with alternatives like breakout rooms that competitors do not provide.

The client apps offered by BlueJeans are its best assets since they offer a variety of conferencing functions without overwhelming the user. That they work on many platforms is unquestionably helpful. On the other hand, if you predict that many meeting participants will use the web client, be aware that not all functions offered in the dedicated apps are supported.


  • Directional audio for hardware and rooms with Dolby Sound

  • The M-Score tool gives statistics on meeting quality and comments.

  • Supports platforms including PC, mobile, and browser

  • A conference transcript

  • It consists of conference rooms


  • Desktop applications and browsers differ in some ways.

  • Does not permit the sharing of a keyboard and mouse.


Between $29.99

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Intermedia AnyMeeting

intermedia logo

Intermedia AnyMeeting is an attractive, user-friendly solution with sufficient features to fulfill the requirements of any organization. We particularly liked its AI-powered Virtual Assistant, which offers fair transcriptions of video sessions and can even mark action items based on what is said during the conversation. Despite how vast it is, AnyMeeting’s pricing is comparable to that of the majority ofAnyMeeting’stors.

With AnyMeeting, making a mistake is difficult, so it has consistently been our Editor’s Choice award winner. The only potential drawback is that it includes webinar-oriented features like breakout rooms. It’s tough to beat if you’re at ease with its controls and interface.


  • A boy, you’re tense, allowing you to share your screen directly.

  • Creative whiteboard function

  • Automatically transcribe

  • Allows for the sharing of a keyboard and mouse.

  • Sufficient features


  • No breakout spaces

  • Support for webinars is a distinct product.


Between $48/month to $298/month

Webex By Cisco

webex logo

One of our list’s most established video conferencing alternatives, Webel, has existed since 1995. It is unique because it is integrated with the huge ecosystem of Software and intellSoftwarenference room systems currently under the control of networking behemoth Cisco. Because of this, some of the most prestigious businesses in the Fortune 500 favor using it.

Don’t think that using Webex requires a large staff. Although it has few hidden price fees compared to other services, it can scale to fit the needs of small businesses, large corporations, and anything in between. So, Webex might be the best option if your priorities are strong support and nearly limitless room for expansion.


  • Simple user interface

  • Whiteboard and strong application-sharing characteristics

  • Add cloud recording

  • Instantaneous transcription

  • Cool and practical Featured responses


  • The cost of real-time translation is higher.

  • maximum 10GB of cloud storage at a reasonable price


Between $6-$11 per month



RingCentral’s voice-over-IP (VoIP) service is well-known in business communication technologies. Its entry into the video conferencing market, RingCentral Video, is good, even though it’s still catching up with some of the more established competitors. An attractive feature is its generous free price tier, which enables you to have meetings with up to 100 attendees lasting up to 24 hours at a time.

RingCentral is a great option if you’re searching for a video conferencing solution that worksyou’rewith a business VoIP system. The single program includes both features and has a user-friendly layout. Additionally, compared to the other systems we looked at, it provides more for free.


  • Participants can join calls without downloading any software.

  • No account is required to participate in calls.

  • Generous free plan

  • Apps are available on all major platforms, including the web.

  • While having a video conversation, you may rapidly switch between devices.


  • No Q&A moderator tools, sharing of the mouse and keyboard

  • Unique account sign-in URL missing; clumsy task management


Between $19.99 to $36.55

Google Meet

google meet logo

Only web browsers can join Google Meet conferences, but what would at first seem to be a limitation may be its biggest strength. No matter the OS platform, everyone with a modern browser should be able to utilize Google Meet because there are no additional programs to download and install. Naturally, Meet’s compatibility with the wildly popular Google WorWorkspaceMeet’sy’soductivity tools is also helpful.

Some of your partners or clients likely utilizeoIt’sWorkspace even if your company doesn’t. Given how effortlessly it connects with Workspace usdoesn’tlendars and email, that alone should be sufficient considering it. Meet is one of the most cost-effective video conferencing solutions we reviewed.


  • Free tier

  • Cooperation on documents

  • It saves meeting recordings to Google Drive automatically and only requires your browser.

  • Connects to further Google Workspace applications

  • Cost Effective


  • The business functions require a Google Workspace membership.

  • There are no built-in transcription capabilities.


Between $1.5/month- $15.5/month



GoTo, formerly LogMeIn, is a business that provides a cutting-edge video conferencing platform called GoToMeeting. It provides competitive features like smart transcription and unlimited cloud recording and finds a reasonable balance between price and capability. Additionally, it communicates with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 calendars.

GoToMeeting is a trustworthy option for standalone video conferencing, but it lacks several capabilities you’d need for regular video meetings. It works best with GoTo’s other services for those markets in use cases, including GoTo’s webinars, contact centers, and remote IT administration.


  • Work with all platforms

  • Efficient smart assistant

  • Countless cloud recording

  • During screen sharing, an annotation

  • We can combine it with Google Workspace & Microsoft 365


  • Using a virtual backdrop requires a different product that is free of charge.

  • There is no functionality for whiteboarding.


Between $14.40/month to As per requirements


Virtual meeting software is a key tool for collaborating and interacting with remote groups. These systems offer collaboration and video chat in addition to useful tools. Now that you have the best virtual you’ve ever had for your team meetings, you can use this list of the aforementioned Software for the best team call. We also provide guidelines for making virtual meetings fun, a list of ideas for virtual gaming nights, tips for all-hands meetings, and a directory of online event companies.

The SaaS platform that your company needs can be fully discussed with us at Saasbery. Please set up a 1-on-1 appointment with one of our professionals, who has been working in this field for more than 18 years and who employs techniques that have been successful on the market.


What are software meetings?

Softwaremeeting Software consists of programs and online tools that enable your team to interact and collaborate virtually, generally using video. Remote teams can use these programs to host events like conferences, online happy hours, team-building activities, games, and meetings.

How much does Online Conferencing Software cost?

A conventional video conferencing setup requires a monitor, an all-in-one camera, a speaker, a microphone device, and a conference platform like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. The equipment, configuration, and installation cost for a video conference system can range from $3,500 to $40,000.

Does technology for Online Conferencing Software genuinely promote teamwork?

Yes, Software for virtual meetings and Software for team formation. This app allows remote coalition members to participate in a virtual meeting over the Internet, allowing them to share backgrounds and foster confidence even if they are geographically separated.

Which is more effective: Zoom or Google Meet?

Google Meet offers substantially more cloud recording storage than Zoom does. Users who pay a fee get 30 GB of unlimited Google Drive cloud storage, while free users receive 15 GB.

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