8 Best URL Shorteners in 2024: Google URL Shortener Alternative

Since the Google URL Shortener was discontinued three years ago (RIP), internet users have been looking for the best substitute for shortening links.

Searching for the top URL shortener to make links on your website shorter, track clicks, add UTM tags, and/or support retargeting? Seven excellent services for all use scenarios have been compiled in this post. This list includes excellent options ranging from cost-free URL shortener services to premium plans that are geared at businesses.

An URL Shorteners Definition

An online tool called a URL shortener changes a long, complicated URL into a shorter one that takes the user to the same place. Some URL shorteners can also let you track and control those links thanks to features like click analytics, UTM parameter support, and remarketing. You may profit from those tracking and retargeting tools while also creating shorter, more appealing URLs with URL shorteners.

If Google made two requests for the same URL and received Server error (500) on the first request and OK (200) on the second, the response would be split 50% between Server error and OK.

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How Should You Pick a URL Shortener?

Use the following factors to select a URL shortener provider for your small business:

  • How many links you can shorten each month, in terms of the number of links.

  • How long they maintain the link analytics data is known as the link analytics retention period.

  • Support for QR Codes – It’s fantastic that certain services let you build a QR code using your links.

  • Support for custom domain names allows you to build short links using your own domain.

  • The cheapest service is not always the best, as you can see in the comparison chart below. According to the features included in each priced package.

The best URL shortener services compared


Bitly logo

The most well-liked and versatile URL shortener is Bitly. Flexible back-half links, the history of links, and personalized reporting are all available with the free account. With a free special domain, branded type of links, link redirection, the QR codes, and a builder of UTM, the premium editions, however, stand out.

Through the Bitly integration, you can directly create links from several marketing platforms, such as Sprout Social. Each link is secured using HTTPS encryption to prevent eavesdropping or outside interference.

Key features:
  • Make brand-related linkages

  • Shorten the URL or slug

  • Automatic brand linkages

  • Control links

  • Overseeing campaign links

  • Create UTM parameters.

  • Study performance information

  • Access over 700 apps

  • Utilize the API

  • This URL shortener performs poorly in terms of popularity and shareability.


199$ per month


tinyurl logo

The first and still open-source link shortener, TinyURL now provides businesses with a complete platform for link management. You can develop, execute, channel, and promote your company via link advertisements of various sizes with a TinyURL premium account.

To make abbreviated URLs more user-friendly, you can alter them or use them as a branded territory. So that you can see where the users can click through, what devices they are using, and the number of clicks you receive over time, you can then track the link performance in the dashboard.

Key features:
  • Make branded and unique links.

  • Shorten the URL or slug

  • Control your personal links

  • Analyze campaign data.

  • Analyze current performance

  • Boundless click data tracking

  • View a dashboard with consolidated metrics.

  • Open-source link shortener

  • Easily alter them

  • URL could seem spammy, especially if it’s done to get more attention.


9.99$ per month


tinycc logo

The paid-for corporation interpretation of the authentic, unrestricted Tiny.cc is a well known URL shortener called TinyCC. You may manage, track, brand, and shorten a large number of URLs using its straightforward interface. Additionally, you may count the retargeting of pixels to shorter links for tracking appeal in particular products and increase advertising ROI. This will automatically route visitors based on language preferences.

Key features
  • Include unique domains

  • Brand your short links

  • Real-time link editing

  • Organize links based on promotions and tags.

  • Examine location-based reporting

  • Create original QR codes

  • Insert retargeting pixels

  • Track down broken links

  • Make intelligent link redirects

  • It does not promote confidence because more knowledgeable consumers are aware that they are not a reliable alternative for a shortening service.


5$ per month


sniply logo

It is an innovative URL shortener. You can count a call-to-action (CTA) in all the links you post in addition to shortening it. For instance, if you connected to a piece of material from a third party, you might place an overlay accompanied by a button that directs customers to your website on that site.

It is easy to publish on several social media sites more frequently by selecting content from outside sources. Then, add a note that encourages people to implement some action, such as subscribing to your newsletter, to the short links you’ve created.

Key features:
  • Include your CTA on any page.

  • Create CTAs that are unique to the brand.

  • Disseminate compressed links

  • Innovative URL shortener

  • Track connection interactions

  • Results tracking and retargeting pixels

  • Incorporate other tools

  • Easy to publish

  • Can be used in any social media platform

  • It cannot be altered in any way, which can make your URL seem spammy.


125 $ per month

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cuttly logo

You can reduce, control, and focus every link using Cuttly’s link management platform. The thorough analytics provide information on ticks, social media ticks, page committers, browsers, systems, and location-based.

You can also obtain QR codes and customize your brand name. There is an option to construct alternate link redirection for telephone devices and a built-in UTM code generator.

Key features:
  • Make brand-related linkages

  • Produce the UTM parameters.

  • Links with password protection

  • Create backup mobile links

  • Control the redirect expiry

  • Include retargeting pixels

  • Link split-testing

  • Produce QR codes

  • Link encryption (SSL)

  • To measure and track user behaviour on your website, it does not use click tracking.


275$ per month


bl.link logo

A fully functional URL shortener with enterprise-specific features, BLI.NK is also appropriate for teams of any size because it scales to meet your needs. Thanks to its unique complex capabilities, you may proactively arrange clicks based on calendar, period, translation, machine, and place.

Key Features:
  • Personalised short domains

  • Make brand-related linkages

  • Link tags

  • Adapt the back part of the link

  • Construct UTM campaigns

  • Monitor clicks and links

  • Measure measurements in real time.

  • Connect to a huge selection.

  • Make mobile-friendly deep connections

  • Access to spreadsheets, analytics, and RSS feeds, are all negatively impacted.


48$ per month


Rebrandly logo

With a customized name of domain, you can brand, track, and distribute short URLs using Rebrandly’s link management tool.

By including your business name on each link you post, it is easier to increase brand awareness and credibility. Afterwards, you can utilize the precise click data to monitor the effectiveness of your advertisements, and SEO. Branded links can be easily included into your existing procedures, roadmaps, and tools because Rebrandly integrates to your present marketing stack.

Key Features:
  • Utilize a variety of domain names

  • Make brand-related linkages

  • Increase SSL encryption

  • Redirecting deep mobile links

  • Trace monthly clicks

  • Make demographics visible

  • Create unique reports

  • Sync with more than many applications

  • GDPR-compliant

  • Since there isn’t a bookmarking service, this feature is advantageous because you can’t save URLs for later.


20$ per month


clkim logo

With the help of clever contextual triggers, you may automatically reroute users using the URL shortening tool Clkim. You may direct people to a pertinent website, for instance, predicated on their smartphone’s OS or location. Splitting traffic between two locations will allow you to check the one converts the best.

It offers data that may be used to enhance your marketing efforts, interactions, and outcomes. Find out where your visitors are going to visit, and the links that will work the best, and what influence you are having.

Key Features:
  • Create a brand domain.

  • Users are redirected to smart triggers

  • Creation of a  complete transitional adverts and add a tracking pixel and retargeting pixel.

  • Keep track of clicks and referrals.

  • Regular traffic notes via email

  • Create UTM parameters.

  • APIs and integrations

  • Redirection to premium website

  • User Tracking is possible

  • It can also make it difficult to get a URL and slow down the loading of the website’s pages.


12000$ per month


Whatever your needs are for link shortening, there is a URL summarizer here. Take a few for a test drive to determine which works best, regardless of whether you want a simple, cost-free tool like TinyURL or a comprehensive, multi-use shrinking service like Bitly.

  • You should seek out features like:

  • Adaptable URLs

  • Support for link trace UTM variables

  • Integrations for link retargeting

Know a lot about additional ways Saasbery can help you increase the social media mutation rate now that you are aware of the finest URL shorteners for tracking and interaction. We are unified and cooperative in our efforts to guide you toward the best software as a service and assist you in creating synergies.


Which is the best free URL shortner?

A strong (and well-liked) tool for URL shortening is Bitly. While the premium service allows you to use a custom domain name, the free service only allows you to shorten URLs using the Bit.ly domain name. The commercial edition of Bitly includes features like link retargeting.

In Chrome, how do I shorten a URL?

For Google Chrome, use a URL shortener To use the TinyURL.com url shortener service, simply click the extension button on your toolbar. Would you like to use a free Google Chrome URL shortener? You can create a short, straightforward link from the website URL you are currently on by simply installing our software.

For what reason did Google cease shortening URLs?

On April 13, 2018, the goo.gl interface would no longer allow anonymous users or users who have never created short links to do so. They advised consumers to switch to more widely used URL shorteners. To concentrate on Firebase Dynamic Links, or FDL, Google discontinued its service.

Does using URL shorteners impact SEO?

Expecting any unfavourable SEO effects if you are using a URL shortener from a trusted service is unrealistic. You may make succinct and aesthetically beautiful links by using an SEO shortener, and you can also learn more about your performance.

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