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Best Collaborative Software For Your Team in 2024: Experts Choice

In today’s interconnected world, collaboration lies at the heart of productivity and innovation. Collaborative software emerges as a vital tool, facilitating seamless communication, cooperation, and knowledge sharing among individuals and teams, regardless of geographical location. From brainstorming ideas to managing projects and resolving issues, collaborative software platforms provide a digital workspace where stakeholders can collaborate in real time, harnessing the collective intelligence of diverse perspectives. This blog post delves into collaborative software, exploring its features, benefits, and transformative impact on teamwork and organizational success. Whether you’re a small startup starting with creativity or a multinational corporation optimizing remote work, understanding the capabilities of collaborative software is essential for fostering collaboration, driving productivity, and achieving shared goals in today’s dynamic work environment.

The Collaborative Software: definition, advantages, and Disadvantages

What is a collaborative platform?

A collaborative platform is a hybrid tool that combines the communication and collaboration tools used internally within a virtual workspace to facilitate collaboration. 

Accessible online, this software includes

  • project management,
  • electronic document management (EDM),
  • corporate social network (CSR),
  • instant messaging (Chat),
  • video conferencing,
  • knowledge management, blog, communities,
  • the platform for co-creation, participatory innovation,
  • shared calendar, etc.

Why use a collaborative platform?

To reduce internal communication costs and save time

In the professional context, there are numerous advantages to collaborative workspaces. Firstly as work tools, their infrastructure facilitates interactions between and smooths exchanges between teams, even in the context of remote work or multi-site business. Your employees also spend less time in meetings.

For the centralization of tools and management

From a managerial point of view, collaborative solutions lead to a digital transformation that overhauls internal relationships. Whether it is a large company, an SME, or a VSE, the HR dimension is positively impacted.

For sharing the employee experience and optimizing teamwork

The platform enriches your IS with a space for discussion, encouraging people to speak up. Everyone is invited to express themselves, comment, give feedback, or intervene. There is better visibility of everyone’s work.

Collaborative Software breaks down silos for more cross-functionality within your structure and, therefore, more commitment from your teams.

For the richness of the offer

Some platforms exist locally. Others are online and accessible from anywhere and at any time. Software offered in SaaS mode has an undeniable operational benefit in terms of mobility.

Limits of a Collaborative Software

There are different types of collaborative platforms. However, be careful not to combine them. Offering too many tools to your teams will discourage their adoption.

The usefulness of each software implemented in the company must cover a precise field of intervention to occupy a legitimate unifying role.

Finally, the social and instantaneous dimension of the tool can distract individuals who wish to be on the lookout for the latest news.

Overview and comparison of Collaborative Software by type

We can distinguish six types of collaborative platforms according to their value proposition in terms of uses.

Multi-purpose platforms

Some collaborative platforms are evolving to combine as many tools as possible to meet all uses.


Acollab Collaborative logo

Acollab is an easy-to-use “Made in France” collaborative platform that securely centralizes your team’s collaborative tools. 


  • its all-in-one side that gives you access to smart, collaborative features (GED, shared agenda, project management, time and expense tracking, online chat, surveys, etc.); 
  • the Acollab application is available on Android and IOS mobiles for quick access and from any location;
  • it’s a very attractive price accompanied by a free 30-day trial without commitment or credit card required.


Gladys Logo

Thus, Gladys integrates a CSR, a PPM tool, and the management of ideas and innovations.


  • employees can share their ideas and their monitoring within the projects themselves;
  • the task manager allows you to organize a project into tasks and sub-tasks and to view the progress;
  • data hosting is in France.


interstis logo

InterStis is a French document management software that is coupled with project management.


  • users adapt easily to this ergonomic tool, both in public and private collaborative spaces;
  • task management and document co-editing let employees know where they stand;
  • The tool is interesting for agile project management, even when on the move.

net frame

netframe logo

Netframe, a 100% French solution, offers a combination of three tools: chat, CSR and EDM.


  • the tool’s interface is designed to be easy to use and adopted quickly;
  • many functionalities are available on demand to meet personalized needs;
  • Netframe has another string to its bow, project management: geolocation, planning, visualization, and monitoring are possible!

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Corporate social networks

CSR (Corporate Social Networks) represents the 2.0 evolution of communication tools such as the intranet, used internally, and the extranet, used to communicate with suppliers or manage customer relations. By adding a social layer to these tools, CSR offers an essential tool for companies. We are talking about the digital workplace and promoting cross-functional knowledge-sharing between employees. Halfway between collaboration and communication, it is a socialization tool.


On the CSR list, we position:


Jamespot logo

Jamespot presents a high degree of customization of its solution, favoring the development of projects in an agile way and innovation.


  • the tool enables the sharing of ideas and collaborative monitoring;
  • the publisher designs or assists in the design of business applications for a personalized response;
  • The solution allows the development of projects in agile mode.

talk spirit

talkspirit logo

A big strength of the talkspirit solution is that company personnel can easily adopt it.


  • structured and contextualized conversations facilitate the dissemination of information;
  • teams receive real-time notifications of information from integrated business applications;
  • The directory allows the ididentifiess’ professions, expertise, and locations.

Workplace by Meta

workplace-from-meta logo

Workplace by Meta is the professional version of the famous social network.


  • the familiar user experience, the interface resembling mainstream Meta;
  • the ability to integrate chatbots into chats to automate tasks;
  • availability in a hundred languages.

Unified communications solutions

New generation of tools, unified communications have one objective: the centralization of all the communication channels of a company (cloud telephony, chat, messaging, videoconferencing, screen sharing, documents, and calendars) on a single platform, with a single interface.

Skype for Business

Skype for business

One of the well known collaborative software is Skype for Business offers large-scale video conferencing, document sharing, VoIP calls, and instant messaging.


  • the videoconference tool allows the participation of 250 people;
  • it is integrated into Microsoft’s office suite;
  • the meeting host can invite his participants by sending them a created and personal URL, containing the name of his company for example.


spoka logo

Spoka meets the digital transition needs of VSEs by offering simple and affordable cloud telephony and unified communication features.


  • the solution has been specially developed to meet the needs of small businesses, start-ustartupsreelancers;
  • Spoka Talk cloud phone plan users can upgrade to Spoka Connect at any time for more unified communication;
  • The tool includes chats, permanent discussion threads with document sharing, online meetings, and screen sharing.

File sharing and transfer solutions

For content management and virtual archiving in the cloud, there is of course Google Drive. Limited in terms of storage, Google Drive does not correspond to the usage and security requirements of companies.


Here is a selection of file-sharing and file-transfer software:


bynder logo

Bynder is a digital asset management (DAM) software offering a photo library and managing multimedia content usable internally and shareable externally (partners, customers).


  • digital asset management is associated with project management;
  • search is intuitive and intelligent thanks to the categorization and labeling of data;
  • version management eliminates duplicates and obsolete files.


netexplorer logo

NetExplorer, a French solution, promotes the sharing, transferring, and storing of documents for safe collaboration.


  • tailored features meet the needs of all businesses, regardless of size and budget;
  • secure data retention allows files to be restored up to one month after deletion;
  • Document management is facilitated by searching for keywords in scanned files.


WeDrop-DropCloud logo

WeDrop stands out with its rich and user-friendly ergonomics.


  • inspired by DropBox, the solution offers more extensive functionalities;
  • document management is complete: rights, access, and life cycle;
  • data hosting is in France.

Project management and task management tools

The project mode has proven itself. As a result, teams, often dispersed, need powerful tools to coordinate their work. Document management (GED) and contact by instant messaging or conference calls create a central exchange space for teamwork.


Here are some examples:

Planisware Orchestra

Planisware Orchestra logo

Planisware Orchestra is the ideal solution for optimizing resource allocation. It offers macro and retro planning functionalities with an ADR (Average Daily Rate) indicator.


  • from project management to PPM, the tool makes it possible to manage large-scale projects with a large number of parameters;
  • resource management is innovative (real-time availability monitoring), taking into account different methods (Agile Scrum, PMBOK);
  • The tool is user-friendly (news feeds, Kanban boards) and facilitates multi-project monitoring. 



Sciforma, with a PPM component ( Project Portfolio Management ), allows you to arbitrate your management according to cost, time, and risk constraints.


  • the software is highly scalable and offers three components: PPM, project management, and time tracking;
  • the level of compatibility is high: the tool adapts to all browsers and all operating systems;
  • the most used collaborative methodologies are also compatible: Agile, Critical Chain, Prince 2, Phase-gate, and PMBok.



Wimi’s progress is particularly monitored using notifications and planning tools.


  • Wimi offers the notion of progress monitoring on various projects;
  • the integration of chat channels, sharing and synchronization of documents is very interesting;
  • The tool also offers videoconferencing, shared calendars, and screen sharing.

Office Suites



office suite logo

We could not forget to mention them. Text editor, spreadsheet, and presentation software are the basic tools of your collaborative software. Coordinated with each other and connected to related applications such as diary, address book, and instant messaging, they constitute an office suite at the heart of everyday life.

Among the office suites, we can mention:

Google Suite


G Suite offers storage space (Google Drive), calendar,  chat, messaging (Gmail), and video conferencing, among other tools that can be used as a team.


  • very easy to set up thanks to accessibility from any browser;
  • unified communication integrating office tools such as Google Sheets and Google Docs;
  • possible creation of websites, intranets, and extranets.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office logo

Microsoft Office 365  is the publisher of the essential Word, Excel, and PowerPoint offered online via Sharepoint. 


  • data hosting in Europe;
  • the tool can be enhanced with RSE Yammer and Skype for Business;
  • substantial storage space.

zimbra logo is a widely acclaimed open-source software. YaZiba offers integration to match its possibilities to the needs of your structure.


  • the collaborative platform is French;
  • new features are regularly developed (CSR, chat, etc.);
  • the open-source nature makes it very customizable.

Summary tables of our selection of Collaborative Software

Many Collaborative Software exist and have their particularities.

To identify the best fit for your structure, start by prioritizing the features you need. You can then compare them based on the services they offer.

Versatile platformAsset
AcollabFunctional richness and very attractive price 
GladysInnovative, collaborative functions
enteritisSimple, ergonomic, intuitive
net frameVersatility and tailor-made, no-frills


CSR platformAsset
JamespotBusiness applications
talk spiritPowerful search engine
Workplace by FacebookCustomizable


Unified communications solutionAsset
Skype for BusinessPro version of the software known to the general public
SpokaDeveloped by experts and dedicated to VSEs


file sharing platformAsset
binderSharing multimedia content internally and externally
Net ExplorerSolution made in France
WeDropUser-friendly interface


Project management/task management platformAsset
Planisware OrchestraFunctional coverage and ergonomics
SciformaFor project management specialists
WimiFunctional richness and ergonomics


Office suiteAsset
G SuiteEase of use
Microsoft Office 365Popularity
MyZimbra.netData hosted in France


A challenge for the success of your business

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is a success.

Henry Ford understood it well and summed it up well. Collaboration, team spirit, and communication are the keys to business success.

Collaborative work tools in the cloud, versatile or specialized, make it possible to develop collective intelligence.

Why not choose your future collaborative platform with your teams in complete coherence? 


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